Imagine sleeping as much as 17 hours a day. Husbando might be able to do that, actually.

That would literally be sleeping your life away but for a newborn, it’s pretty standard. They have a lot to take care of, after all. What with the eating and the pooping, it's a lot to handle at a tender age.

The National Sleep Foundation has just issued its latest sleep recommendations for Americans, and the suggested amount of sleep for an infant up until three-months-old is 14 to 17 hours daily and then, 12 to 15 hours until they turn one. Now will they get that all at one time? Not likely.  Sorry, parents.

In both cases, the previous recommended hours of sleep were 12 to 18 hours and 14 to 15 hours, respectively. So it's gone up a bit, not sure why.

Other National Sleep Foundation recommendations include 11 to 14 hours of shuteye for one-and-two-year-olds, ten to 13 hours for three-to-five-year-olds, nine to 11 hours for kids through the age of 13 and eight-ten hours for teens. I guess that's part of the reason why my Mom sent me to bed so early.  But I don't think I ever really got That much sleep.  Sure, as a teen I'd go to bed at 9, but... I would always kind of just lie there and think for a few hours til I fell asleep. It didn't occur to me that that wasn't normal until college, when everybody went to bed just whenever.

The NSF recommends seven to nine hours of sleep daily for people ages 18 through 64 and seven to eight hours for adults 65 and older. I think that sounds about right - Husbando probably sleeps about nine hours.  But just because they recommend it, it might not be right for you, after all.

Now I'm sure that's all well and good, but I don't know if the average person gets the same amount of sleep every night without fail.  We all have busy lives, and sometimes stress can prevent you from winding down.  Okay, so we know what SHOULD be getting... but what's the reality?  I know it says I should get about nine hours, but generally if I get seven I'm okay.  Either way, nothing ever feels like enough when that alarm goes off, if you know what I mean.  Do you feel like you get enough sleep?  How much sleep do you typically get?  What do you do when you have trouble sleeping?

Sleepily yours,


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