I've talked to you guys before about sleepwalking. 

It's something my Mom did, my sister does it occasionally, and I do it sometimes, too.  Lately it's calmed down quite a bit.  Husbando says if I do get up, most of the time it's just to go to the bathroom.  I mean, I'd consider that normal.  As long as I'm not trying to get dressed or go to work at one in the morning, that's fine.

Well, I was researching a little bit about how common this kind of thing is, and apparently it's way more prominent to do things in your sleep than I thought. I thought I was in some kind of freaky minority, but I saw a lot of people online saying they've experienced stuff like this:

1.  Feeling like you're falling.

You know this one.  It's actually called a 'hypnagogic jerk.'  I had to copy and paste that because I know I wouldn't get it right on my own.  Anyway, it happens when you're about to fall asleep, and it wakes you back up.  You feel like you're about to tip over, and throw out your arms and legs to catch yourself.

2.  Sleep paralysis.

Sleepwalking is when your body wakes up but your brain stays asleep.   This is like the opposite, as if your body is paralyzed while you're dreaming.  Sometimes you wake up from a deep sleep, and your muscles are still shut down.  Luckily this one hasn't happened to me, although I've heard about it a lot.

3.  Sleep-talking.

I've done this myself, and it's usually within the first hour or two after going to bed, when you're already dreaming but the muscles in your throat and face are still working.

4.  Exploding head syndrome.

Seriously.  I didn't know there was a name for this thing.  You wake up after hearing a really loud noise or maybe seeing a flash of light.  You might actually have the sensation that your head is exploding.  It's happened to me, where I THINK I hear something, but nothing's there.  It's all in my messed up little head.

Have you ever experienced any of these things, like talking in your sleep?  What did you do, and how did you react?

Sleepily yours,



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