I'm sure a lot of you share my situation - I wear glasses. I have done since I was like, 11.  So that's gonna be 30 years this week.  Crazy. And I've always had a variety of different pairs over the years.  It used to be something I would dread, because you had to have the whole appointment thing and they'd put the spritz in your eye and then your Mom had to pay like, three hundred dollars to get you a frame you probably didn't even like.

Of course now, we have the internet and things have improved at least on the price front. I buy my glasses online (after I get a prescription from a local professional, of course - they probably would prefer I buy a pair from them but they had no problem just giving me the script when I told them I'd buy online).  So it's not too hard to get an update every few  years now.  But I had been putting it off for ages.

Probably about five to eight years, I had put this off.  Husbando finally made me do it, and to the doc we went.  We got our updated prescriptions, and he ordered a pair of regular glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses.  I don't think I need prescription sunglasses, to be honest. I don't drive a lot. But I did get a little thing you can put on your glasses to make them sunglasses.

I'm sure if you have had glasses before you've seen em.  I only had a "real" pair of prescription sunglasses once, and it was stolen out of my boyfriend John's car in Wigan, England in 1998. They took his car for a joyride, used it til it ran out of gas, and then stole my glasses from the glove box. Still not sure why.  I  mean, they're pretty specific and my eyes are kind of bad (astigmatism).

Anyway. I've never really liked the clip on things, so I don't use them much. But! This new thing has made me change my mind.  The sunglasses attach to my frame with a MAGNET! How cool is that? What a simple idea, that somehow I had never seen before this day. How, I don't know.  You'd think thirty years of wearing glasses, it would have crossed my path at some point, but no.

edit pic

Magnets (please remember that meme from ages ago with the Insane Clown Posse).  Such a simple thing, yet it totally blew my little mind.  And, they accidentally sent me two, so I have one for my car and one for my bag. Amazing.

What are some little things that impressed you more than you thought they would?

Magnetly yours,


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