I know a lot of us are getting out of the house and getting out into the yard, sprucin' stuff up for warmer weather. 

And if not, hey, you can sic the kids on it, right?  They're dying to earn some extra summertime fun money, right?  Well.  Maybe not.  If you're still not ready to trust your KIDS to mow your lawn . . . would you trust ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE?

There's another robot mower on the way that uses AI technology to mow your lawn. It's called the LawnMeister, and it's kind of like a Roomba for your lawn  - it can navigate obstacles like pets, toys, and even dog poo in the grass.

It doesn’t chaotically zig-zag through your property bouncing off wires.  It can mow in straight lines, and can learn the digital boundaries of your yard, so it won't end up in a neighbor's lawn or out in the street.

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You can block off zones you want to handle yourself (like a kids' play area or near the garden) and teach it mowing schedules. Naturally, these things aren't cheap . . . not that mowers are known for affordability.

In a recent Kickstarter, they started at $1,000. The company says they plan on shifting to retail sales once those orders are fulfilled, but it's unclear where they'll be available, and if the price will be the same.

SUCH PRICEY, though.  I mean, I like the idea of someone doing my lawn work for me, but...I might be going more this route.

A woman shot video of someone's lawn mower cutting the grass by itself. It's one of those self-propelled gas mowers and it's tied to a post with a long rope. So it moves around in a circle, and the rope slowly gets shorter and shorter as it wraps around the post.

....Yeah, that's more my speed.  Have you started working on your lawn yet?  Have you cleaned out any leaves or branches?  What have you done to make the process simpler or easier?

Mowingly yours,

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