I was looking through some childhood photos the other day, and I found some... interesting ones.

Admittedly, I was a weird kid, but I was a weird kid kind of trying to NOT be a weird kid.


As you can see, my Father was not amused with my antics.


This is sometime in the early to mid 80's in front of my Grandmother's carport.


This one is of me as a baby, maybe two-ish? There's two others in the picture (my sister and my cousin Sarah) but I can't find it. It was probably burned in fire.


This one is probably right around four years old. I'm being Super Dramatic here.


This was in second grade, right after my star making performance as Henny Penny in the Chicken Little musical. What it was called, I don't know. I do know that my sister didn't seem to enjoy having this picture done, that little boy is a childhood friend of mine named Greg, and my  mom sewed an orange feather duster in the seat of those cords.


I wanna say this one was a similar time frame.  See the wicker chair in the back? Didn't everybody have one of those? I don't know why I'm wearing a romper and a raincoat, but sure, go for it.


This one is a little bit older, probably Kindergarten.  That's my Dad's side of the family out on the little piece of land in Smithton they had. We ran so many times down that hill, you guys. I really think I jumped off that stump at least a dozen times.  This is also the same piece of land where my sister got a chicken to chase me.


Same farm, same family, different spot. I don't remember what we were doing, but it looks like we were having fun.

Have you got a favorite childhood photo?  Why not share a few in the comments!

Photographically yours,


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