So in the last few months or so, I've kind of lost interest in cooking.   

Since it's just me, I tend to get frozen low calorie dinners or just make the bare minimum. I know you wouldn't think it to look at me, but I actually don't eat that much. I kinda snack during the day a little bit and have  a small meal for dinner and that's it.  It is very rare for me to have two full meals in a day.  And often times, if I go out to eat with someone, I end up eating about half of what is given me and if it's good I take the rest home.

So I was a little skeptical about the big trend of food boxes, where they do the meal prep for you and you just cook it up.  I mean, how would they possibly be any good, and aren't they kind of pricy?  Well, I decided to bite the bullet and try one.  Now please keep in mind, I did not contact this company professionally - I'm just doing this as a customer.  I am not being compensated for this one jot.  If I like it, great. If not...well, you'll know it.

The one I decided to go with proclaimed themselves to be the least inexpensive, so I decided to give them a shot with one box. After all if I don't like it, I can just cancel, right? Right.  The company I chose is called EveryPlate.  I ordered from them a few weeks ago, planned the day the box would come, chose how many portions I'd get, and decided I'd make a weekend out of it. Each one of these meals is designed for two, so I had about half and the rest were socked away as leftovers.  Here's how it went.

My Food Box Weekend


So there you have it. My weekend in a food box.  Would I recommend it?  Sure.  Especially if you can get the deal (I can get some of you a free box btw if you email me, part of their promo deal). The meals were fairly easy, and a good 95% of what you need to cook em up was in the box (not cooking oil or butter or salt and pepper, that kind of stuff). I mean, not every meal was stellar, but one was amazing, one was good, and one was bland.  So overall, I'd say that's enough of a win for me to try a second box.  Will I be doing it next week like they want? Heck No.  I put it on pause for a couple weeks, I'll try again next month.  Still, the meals had easy to follow recipes, good/fresh ingredients, and were tasty for the most part.

Now we just have to see how well the leftovers hold up.

Boxingly yours,

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