August's Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero is Tina Boggess!  

She was nominated by her daughter in law, Becca Davis. And what a great time to do it- it was not only her wedding anniversary month, but it was also her birthday!  Here's what Becca had to say:

Tina is head of the youth dept at Burns Chapel,  and is on the City Council. She is the grandmother to my sons and she will always help any one that calls her and if not she knows who can help. She's helped with getting some of the newer stuff at the parks and all around an amazing woman. She does so much for every one 3-5 sentences won't cut it.

Turns out, Becca is right.  Tina is Sedalia's Mayor Pro Tem, she's on the City Council, and she's mentored kids with the Burns Chapel Freewill Baptist Church for over twenty years.  She works with seniors in Property Management with Maco Management at the Hubbard Apartments.

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Tina is looking forward to a lot when it comes to Sedalia and our future.  Like Becca said, if she doesn't know the answer she'll find it.  She's excited about the new milling machine to work on our streets,  the new bikes for the Sedalia Police Department, has worked a ton on renovations at the Fire Department Station on Hanock, and also loves to see how far the kids she's mentored over the years have come.  She's looking forward to see what will come with the Missouri Municipal League, as local reps have been invited to participate down in Tan Tar A.

So here's a quick interview with Tina to tell us in her own words everything she's working on and with here in Sedalia.  Check it out!

If you can think of someone you know that does whatever they can to make our area a better place, nominate them here. It only takes a few minutes and it's absolutely free.

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