Well, now it's time to get involved with another Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero!  This month, we're looking at someone born and raised here, who got involved in a lot of different areas here in town.

This month's nomination is Staci Middleton!  She does a lot of work with the Community Café, and you gotta read this nomination to believe it.  Lauren Grupe is the one who wrote this in - I'll let her explain it, it's so great.

Staci Middleton is truly one of the best people I have come to know. She is the type of person who has “volunteer” sprawled across all of her t-shirts and is the first to lend a hand to anyone in need. You could even go as far to say that she makes public service her full time job. Staci is avid supporter of the Sedalia Community Cafe. Along with raising her 2 sons, she spends her spare moments at the Community Cafe as a server and guiding the Community Cafe board at Smith-Cotton. Additionally, she delivers meals on wheels for the local senior center and joins her family and their friends for volleyball nights at the Heckart Community Center. On top of all these things, she served as a second mother to all of her sons’ friends. She has been a rock in both our best and worst moments and is more than happy to share advice, a hug, or her famous no bake cookies. Though she is never looking for praise for her efforts, I truly believe that Staci Middleton embodies the term “unsung hero”. I can not recommend her enough for this award.

She and Lauren are friends through her son!  She works with the Community Café board at Smith Cotton High School, and does a lot for her two boys, as well.  It's probably best to let them tell you about it, and if you listen to our interview, you can find out how you can join Staci in helping out here in Sedalia.

Staci was so shy, and so overwhelmed by the whole thing.  But she isn't planning on stopping her work any time soon! She's a big inspiration to all of us out there just, as she says, "Be Kind."

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