Finally, a story that makes me feel good about my spare tire. Pick up that rotisserie chicken leg and the mashed potatoes you've always wanted for breakfast and eat them proudly.  A new study published by the Mayo Clinic has found that being overweight could SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Doctors found that overweight and obese people have a LOWER risk of dying from heart disease than people who are average weight or especially underweight.  In fact, underweight people have the highest risk of dying early overall.

Overweight and obese people have the highest rates of heart disease . . . but the lowest rate of dying from it.  How can that be?  The researchers . . . um . . . aren't sure.

They threw out a ton of possible theories.  Maybe overweight people get earlier treatment on heart disease from doctors because they're a known risk.  Maybe people genetically prone to gaining weight also have genetically stronger hearts.

Or maybe . . . JUST MAYBE . . . all that delicious chubbiness somehow helps you fight a heart attack.  They really just don't know.

The researchers DID make a point of saying that there are still plenty of OTHER health risks that come with being super-chubby . . . so you shouldn't go out and gain 200 pounds just to prevent a fatal heart attack.

But still.  Good to know.

Chubbily yours,

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