This is a weird one, folks. So I went outside to check on my car in the parking lot (what with all the snow and grossness) and I came upon this.


A random garbage bag, several steps away from any garbage can.


And even curiouser, a set of footprints headed to the back of the building.


Obviously these footprints aren't mine (mine is the fresh one next to the old footprint that has melted throughout the day).  It seems like a large footprint that was left earlier this morning, by a much bigger foot than mine. Maybe a man? Where do the footprints lead?


Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't let me edit the photo to put it upright.  The footprints lead to behind the storage cabin we have in the back.


However, the footprints do NOT lead to the dumpster.  So the bag was not fished out of the dumpster.  Maybe the storage cabin?


Nope.  The prints lead to right in front of the cabin, but noone took anything from it.


So being the detective I am, I kicked said bag to see if it contained anything that might be squishy.  Feels normal.  However, I was not comfortable opening said bag because a) it's not mine b)it could have something really gross in it.  I have so many questions, though.  Why is the bag there? Who put it there? Why did they put it there? Why did they check around the back? What's in the bag?

I had to know.  So I did some old fashioned gumshoein'.  Turns out, it was just a bag that our Boss Man Craig had put out this morning, intending to take back when it got light.  So the footprints, just like communism, were a RED HERRING. No bomb, no body parts, no incriminating evidence here.  I did have fun trying to figure it out, though.  Thanks, Forensic Files.

Mysteriously yours,

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