Guys, I go to bed early.  If I make it to 8:00 p.m., I'm good.  Sometimes I even go to bed at 7:30.  But I have good reason, I get up early!  That's the way morning radio works, I guess.  So anyway, turns out that I slept right through something really cool that happened this week.  It was about quarter to nine on the 27th, if I've got my information right.  We had a meteor go by us!

According to the American Meteor Society, literally hundreds of Missourians saw it and reported it. Apparently it's not really that uncommon. According to the AMS, meteors go through our skies every day.  Most of them dissolve in our atmosphere before they are in sight.  And they can be hard to see even in the best conditions. The problem is, sometimes they're hard to see if it's daytime. And, it's not like people are staring at the sky during the day either. A lot of the time the meteors can go over the ocean or a remote area, and nobody sees it. Evening sightings are a little rare too, since people tend to stay indoors at dark. I guess we lucked out this week, huh!

Well, you did. I was in my bed, pillows carefully propped under my legs, two fans going, cat in my armpit, probably snoring.

Did you see it? What did you think it was? Where were you when you saw it?

Meteorically yours,

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