YOU GUYS, this is not helping me with my dog problem. Every time I go online there is some adorably cute video or photo that is pretty much commanding me to get a dog.
When a three-year-old dog named Rhino Lightning was surrendered by his family to the Utah Humane Society, he came with something very unusual: A colorful little notebook with pages of information about the pup, written by an eight-year-old girl.

Sixteen pages of a 2 x 4 inch notebook's worth of notes came with the dog.

The little girl called Rhino Lightning a "striped dream."

Rhino had been adopted from the same place in December by a family with four children. Rhino, at 65 pounds, is "unaware of his size" and was not the right match for the family.

Rhino has since been adopted again and his new family, the shelter said, is "following all the rules."

I'm just gonna go crawl in a corner now.

Doggily yours,

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