Just like Loverboy  told us, everybody's just workin' for the weekend. 

Hopefully, though, you're not goin' off the deep end.  Well, unless you're a strong swimmer. Then I suppose you're good to go.  Anyway, sometimes I know I get a little bit of the "end of the week" drags here and there. I'm sure you do, too.  Where it seems like there's just too much work to do in so little time, everyone needs about ten thousand things from you, and you've got your regular home life stuff to deal with.

This week is pretty normal, but I am a little stressed because I can't tell if our freezer is failing.  I know, this should be something easy to tell, but... I don't know.  Things seem frozen in there, but the ice cream I got for Husbando last night was suspiciously easy to scoop.  It just seemed softer than it should have been.  So of course, I'm thinking, oh geez, now I might have to replace our fridge, that's probably a couple grand right there. But, it's not like I can do anything about it at work, so I just stress and fidget and try to get the stuff done that needs to get done and try not to think about it.

But, that doesn't always work.  So sometimes, you need a distraction.  Enter The Dodo! The Dodo is basically a social media group/site that compiles cute videos of kids, animals, heartwarming stories, you dig.  I found one recently that definitely made me smile. It's about this cat the shelter found that they were sure would need extensive socialization, and they were unsure if it would ever be really able to be adopted. Well, turns out the kitty did bond with this one lady, and, well, it's just cute and funny. It's three minutes, you need to see it to really get it.

I hope you enjoyed it!  I know I did.  Everyone likes a cute animal story.

As you were.

Kitteningly yours,

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