Valentine's Day is this coming before you know it . . . and if you're still stressing out over an overly commercialized, artificial holiday, we've got four tips for how to avoid a complete disaster.

#1.)  Stereotypical gifts like flowers and chocolate are just 'okay.'  Sure, not many women HATE flowers or chocolate, but it can also look like you put no thought into the gift.  Instead, aim for something a little more personal . . . like tickets to see her favorite band.

#2.)  Don't ignore it . . . or over-hype it.  Guys, even if your wife or girlfriend says she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day . . . GET HER SOMETHING.  Because one in eight women who say they don't want a Valentine's gift secretly do.

On the other hand, ladies, keep your expectations in check.  That means DON'T go into it secretly hoping for a diamond ring.

#3.)  Make the right plans for your relationship stage.  If you just started dating, it can be tempting to go overboard.  But you're better off making plans based on how long you've been together.

#4.)  Make plans even if you're single.  Valentine's Day can suck if you're single.  But instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself, do something that makes you feel good.

Get your single friends together for wine and horror movies . . . splurge on a new gift for yourself . . . or renew your New Year's resolution.   I know the whole holiday is kind of B.S., but I was reading about a young man who says his  girlfriend's been talking about how much she wants an iPad.  He'd like to get her one, but as a Valentine's Day gift it seems incredibly impersonal.  Instead, he was thinking about cooking her a romantic dinner and giving her a massage or something afterward.  Maybe even get her some naughty lingerie for later in the evening.  So what do you think -The dinner . . . or the pricey gift?

Ladies, do you prefer an expensive present for Valentine's day?  Or would you like something more personal that shows a guy cares?  And guys, same question.  Let me know in our latest survey and not only will you get points to win prizes, we'll talk about your answers on the air!

Frugally yours,


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