I'm sure you've heard about the latest app that all the kids are on these days. I decided to try it out a while back, and although there's some controversy about it, overall, I like it.  But then I don't get into super depth with these things. I just look for funny videos and go on with my life.

SO anyway, I decided to share a few accounts on the app that I enjoy.  Just because.  No real reason.  And hey, if you get a giggle out of it too, great.

1.  Jushy.

Jushy was one of the first funny ones I saw.  His name is Eugene and he's just a normal goofy teenager.  But it's funny how he reacts to different things, and his videos about quarantine have also been cute!

2.  HoldenDavenport.


To me, this one is just as much about Holden (a college student in the South, I think) as it is the cast of characters around him.  His family and friends are all over his videos, but my favorites are the ones with his Grandmothers.  One of them loves to run around the house and shoot Nerf guns at him.  She has a huge collection.  It's the kind of thing I aspire to when I get to be her age.  Hilarious.

3.  Hi.This.Is.Tatum.

Animal videos!  The fluffy heart of the internet!  This one is run by a young couple who focus on their cute dog, Tatum.  Basically the Husband makes a funny voice to pretend to be Tatum talking.  You get it.  Dogs are great, and clearly we need more on the internet.

4.  OMSteve

I just love Old Man Steve. I have no reason why, but he makes me giggle. He's just a little old man that lives alone and shows us his life.  He makes food, he tells jokes, he does magic tricks.... he's basically your Grandpa.  He wears cute little hats that match his shirts and he does a little laugh that's just adorable.  Seriously, he's like the Grandpa you had that would tell you jokes and pull a quarter out of your ear when you were a kid.

5.  Greyandmama.

This one is probably the most simple one I love.  It's just a mom and her adventures with her toddler, Grey.  He is so cute.  He loves to eat, he likes to watch the geese and call them ducks, and he always, always, says "Thank you Mama" when she gives him something.  Or, more accurately, "Tank yoo Mama".  So cute.

So there you have it.  Funny, cute, silly videos to brighten up your Monday.

Tockingly yours,


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