The Thanksgiving-through-New Year's season is the biggest EATING SEASON of the year, and that's saying something, since we're a country that likes its eating.

And we're totally lucky to have that problem, I know that. But it can be a problem, at least for some of us.

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So what's the damage?  According to a new survey, the average weight gain in December is ...four to five pounds.

Here are the top five reasons people gave for gaining weight during the holiday season.

1.  More social gatherings.

Makes sense. You've got the work party, your Dad's side of the family party, your friend's party, your SO's work party, etc etc.

2.  More rich comfort foods available.


3.  More stress.

I mean, sure. If you're worried about travelling or gift giving or guests, that can be stressing.

4.  A limited selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I don't know about this one. I mean, every party I've been to had a veggie plate. Nobody ate much from it, but it was there.

5.  Less physical activity.

I guess? I mean, it IS cold. But I can work out in my house, so is that an excuse?

For me, I'm TRYING to get better about what I eat and and all that, but I've kinda had to put a pause on it until the new year. I mean, there's just so many parties and sweets and stuff all around. And really, if we're being honest I need to put on a hard reboot to the whole process. I've been going back and forth with the same few pounds for months now. Seems like it would make sense to just try again after all the festivities are done.

What do you think?  Will you be eating more than you normally would during the holidays?  Are you going to try to do anything about it, or are you going to wait to get back on track til the new year?

Dietarily yours,

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