Guys, I might be a little too into Spooky Season this year, but if events like this keep popping up, I mean...can you blame me? 

So I saw this and I just had to tell you about it.  The Downtown Sedalia Alliance, the Sedalia Paranormal Investigators, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Liberty Center Association of the Arts are working together to put on a big Spirit Walk in Sedalia on the 15th.

Now ya'll, I've only been on one "Ghost Walk" in my life. It was around this time about twenty years ago in the North of England, and frankly, it was a tad disappointing. Not because there weren't any fun facts or any spooky stories, but... there was just so much fog, you couldn't see anything.  And everybody in the audience kept getting spooked by... fog.  That they saw every other day in their lives.   So when I heard about this, I thought, "Yes, something different!"

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Here's how it works.  You go to down to the Liberty Center and sign up for a tour - there will be different times you can sign up. The first sign ups start at 6:00 p.m., so you can choose from there. If you show up and decide you want a drink (they will have a cash "Spirit Bar") or want to do some shopping first, you can totally do that.  Or you can pop in and see the gallery at the LCAA.   There will be snacks at the theater, and a Reader's Theater called "An Evening With Poe". Very interesting.  And no doubt, Spooktastic Central.

The tours themselves cost $15, and are led by individual volunteers to go around and share all the little facts about Downtown Sedalia you might not have known about - and all the places that have Good Reason to be haunted.  Not that I'm saying they are (like I said, Shaniac), but they COULD be.  There used to be some Shenanigans Afoot back in the day, I'm sure you've heard some stories from your Grandpa.  You're going to go from spot to spot and learn some stuff that may change the way you view Downtown.

And the best bit is, as long as you're over the age of 14, everyone is included.  This is completely, 100% accessible for anyone.  And the tours themselves aren't too long, they go from the Liberty Center down to the VFW (where you will get More Snacks, win).

So anyway, you can check out the flyer and all the social media details, but otherwise, you'll just have to show up and brave it how you will.  Here's some links if you need more details: Downtown Sedalia Alliance, Liberty Center Association of the Arts, Sedalia Paranormal Investigators.

Spookily yours,


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