You've heard the horror stories about getting tested.  Some people say it's almost painful, very uncomfortable, took forever, etc. But for me, it actually wasn't that bad!  Now, just to be upfront with you, I did have a need to get tested. I didn't just do it for the article, I kinda feel like that would be a waste of resources.  There's someone in my life who got it.  They did everything right and immediately quarantined as soon as they felt sick, but there was still enough of a risk for me to get it done.  Seeing as I have MS and my immune system is compromised because of that, I thought, better safe than sorry.

So, first off, I decided to go for the drive thru test on the Fairgrounds.  It's not hard to sign up at all, but you do have to sign up, you can't just show up.  I went and filled out the form online, took a photo of my ID and my insurance card, and emailed it off.  I was a little worried at first because the email kept bouncing back, saying the mailbox was full.  So I called the nice lady at the center (827-7900) and asked if it went through or should I try again.  She went ahead and checked it for me and said they've been getting that problem a few times. Apparently it sends the email saying it didn't go through when it really did sometimes.  They already had my email, all was well. One other thing: this was all free. I think most of us know that, but just in case.  Yeah, they charge your insurance, but even if you don't have insurance it's free.  If someone tries to charge you for a test, don't do it - might be a scam.  I think you have to pay for an antibody test, but not for the test to see if you have it.

You do have to fill out the form online or call before you come, so they can have your information ready for your sample when you do come in.  She went ahead and confirmed with me that I was coming in that day,  and checked me in. She said as long as I got there by five, it didn't matter when I got in, since she checked me in.  Yeah, if you're planning on a certain time that's fine, but as long as you call ahead and confirm, you're okay.

Off I went.  The one on the fairgrounds was at the Sheep Pavillion.  They had some signs that pointed you in the right direction.  Although I think they might have lost one, because I took a wrong turn at one point.  I KNOW, I KNOW.  I've been going to the dang fairgrounds my whole life, you'd think I'd remember which one it is.  But I didn't, because I've never been like, a sheep person.  Petting zoo sheep, sure.  Complicated raising and feeding of sheep, no. But in case you are just as clueless as me, you take the turn into gate 6A (which is the one I worked for my first job until they realized they probably shouldn't put the five foot 15 year old in charge of turning away angry carnies), and then you turn right on the little road that's in the middle of the parking lot next to the Matthewson.  Then, you just follow the curve til you see another sign, and bam, there you are.

They have two lanes there that can accommodate four cars each, so they're ready if it gets busy. I pulled up as another person was pulling out.  The nice medical professional asked me if I had registered, and I said yes.  She asked if I'd talked to someone on the phone, and I said yes.  So she went out, got my swab, and we got to it.  It wasn't too invasive but I did gag a little because it went back my throat a bit.  But that was it! A quick swab, an information sheet,  and I was on my way before Jungkook got to verse two.

And then, today, they called and told me the good news that I tested negative! Huzzah, seriously.  I am majorly relieved.  But the takeaway from this is that the process isn't as nerve wracking as you might think.  So when the time comes, if you have to get tested, know that it's a simple, easy process.  Register by going online or calling, get confirmed when you want to go, and drive up.  The peace of mind is worth it, trust me.

Negatively yours,

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