Normally with our Unsung Heroes, we hear about people helping people. We're flipping that on its head this month! 

This month, Central Bank decided to go with the nomination from Amanda King.  Here's what she had to say :

Beth is the founder of Peaceful pastures donkey rescue, a local non profit that has rescued  over 150 donkeys from abuse, neglect, and malnourishment.  Aside from the few hours volunteers like me can give, Beth pretty much takes care of and works to train about 130 donkeys every day.  She spends so much time with these animals.  They all have names, and she even knows them by their distinct bray.  Beth has so much compassion for the donkeys, and really gives them a great life while they wait to be adopted.  She funds this huge operation mostly from her own funds from her job. She tries to spend time educating others on how to end the global donkey abuse crisis.

Beth was obviously kind of blown away by that!  She works in the emergency room up in Lexington.  She lives down in Cole Camp, and has pulled back from work so that she can work more with rescue and the donkeys.  I had no idea, but apparently there is a global abuse crisis, where donkeys are being slaughtered for medicine more quickly than they can be repopulated.  There's also a big problem with the treatment of the animals, and well, Beth and her rescue are fighting that bit by bit.  Here's Beth and Randy talking about Peaceful Pastures, the crisis, and some events they've got coming up.

Wow, I had no idea. She's doing so much good and it's just one of those things you don't hear about because it's just not in the general consciousness. Well, you can always find out more by checking out their Facebook page (that haunted hayride sounds fun), their website, or you can always email at or call 417-592-8909.

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And don't forget, you can always nominate your next Unsung Hero. You can do that here.  Nominate whoever you like that deserves a little pat on the back.  You can even nominate more than one person, if you wanted to.  After all, we want to keep the good will going and pass it forward.  Thanks again to our nominator, Amanda, and to Beth for helping Donkeys out in West Central Missouri!

Singingly yours,

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