Well, guys, I have asked you guys about this before, but... that was over five years ago. A LOT has changed in my life these last five years. Maybe it has with you, too!

Today is National Paranormal Day! I'm a Shaniac, but if you wanna be a Boogara, I'm all about choice. I'm not going to argue if you think ghosts are real. But I need receipts for some of the other stuff on this list. A new poll found 57% of Americans believe in ghosts, and 49% have even felt the presence of a ghost before. 22% of us also believe vampires, zombies, and werewolves are real.

Guys, we've talked about this before. A few times, even. I asked you about Cherry Tree Lane, the Pettis County Courthouse, UCM, A Lost Sedalia Cemetery, Green Road, and of course, the Hotel Bothwell.  Some of you thought it was malarkey.  Some of you had some stories.  Some of us were skeptical, some were believers.

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If you think you've seen or felt something, you're not crazy.  Or, if you are, at least you're in good company. Thinking your house is haunted is common.  One in four Americans think they've lived somewhere haunted before.   Even if you've never seen a ghost, you may have sensed one.  37% of us say we've felt a "presence" before.  29% have heard the voice of someone who wasn't there - and 28% have felt an unexplained change in temperature.

Now it might or might not have been obvious, but I consider myself a skeptic.  I personally don't think ghosts, demons, ghouls, sasquatches, or whatever you've got in  your coffers.  BUT, I'm not so skeptical that I don't enjoy a good ghost story.  So I wanna hear yours!

It's National Paranormal Day - have you ever seen or experienced something ghostly you couldn't explain?  Heard something or felt something?  Or has someone else told you a story that made you think twice?

Paranormally yours,

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