Or is it just me? It might be just me. So I decided to treat myself not too long ago to buying some stuff online that I can't get here in town.  I mean, for the most part, if I want something, I just go and get it here in town. But there are some things, you know, you just can't get anywhere but online.

I don't really wanna go into what that is, I mean, it could be anything with me.  Usually lately it's been snacks that aren't made in America.  But on a side tangent, WHY, for the love of PETE, is this not a thing here?!


This is 'Murica.  We love butter. We love honey.  We love honey butter.  We put it on our rolls at every opportunity in every restaurant.  WHY isn't this a chip flavor here?  Sure, we have Honey Barbecue.  But I don't think I'm asking much here.  Anyway.

So, I had a package that was supposed to come through Monday.  Then, it got delayed.  Then they weren't sure when it was coming.  Then I got another update.


Then I thought, "Okay, okay, so it'll be here today..."  And it hit me.  I was never like this before. I was always an impatient person, sure.  But watching when a package was coming, tracking its every movement, has changed me. It's made me more impatient, more entitled.  Before, as long as I knew a package was coming within like, a week of when they said it was going to be there, that was good enough.

Now, I'm literally tracking pizza deliveries and getting upset when I don't get a package update other than "it's on the truck".  I was never like this before!  Have I been given too much? Am I being spoiled?  Most importantly, am I the only one?

Do you find yourself checking tracking on your packages? Are you getting a little more impatient for them, or is it just me?

Trackingly yours,

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