I think sometimes that I do the work of maybe two to three people.  Of course, I'm probably just doing the normal amount of work, but whining about it. 

Some days I feel like I'm hitting the ground running, getting tons of stuff done, and some days I feel like it gets done when it gets done and that's all I can do.

But what about you? You probably don't spend your entire work day trying to think of things to ask people on social media, right? Right.  Are you productive from the minute you get to work to the minute you leave?

A new survey found the average person is only productive for a total of three days a week.  And when it's hot outside, that drops down to two-and-a-half days.  So what's killing our productivity?

1.  Getting a bad night of sleep.

2.  Being too hot or cold in the office.

3.  Your coworkers distracting you or talking to you.

4.  Computer problems.

5.  A noisy office.

6.  Boredom.

7.  Being distracted by personal issues.

8.  Feeling hungry.

I have a solution for most of that, I'll just hole up in my office with some snacks and a cardigan. That should work, right?  If I can just ignore everything else.... oh, wait. I kinda have to deal with people and work stuff.  Otherwise I don't think they'll pay me. I think I need to have the lights on.

Do you feel productive at work? Are any of those issues something you deal with sometimes? What's the worst thing that stops you from getting what you need to get done at work?

Productively yours,

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