We usually don't have problems with little critters on our porch.But this past weekend, we had ourselves an encounter.  Husbando was just sitting in his swing, minding his own business, when a wasp landed on him.  We managed to get it squashed, but the effects are still working on him.

As of right now, he's very itchy and it burns a little. It's gone a little bit up his arm, and he says it looks like he bruised himself.


But I got him some calamine spray and a few other things to make it better until he can get double checked with the doc.  I read online that it can take up to a week to really recover from a wasp sting.  We were worried at first he might have had an allergic reaction, but he hasn't had any problems breathing and everything else is normal.  His arm just hurts.  So it doesn't look like he's in any kind of problem, just inconvenienced.

But of course I had to look it up and see if this kind of thing can kill you, and turns out it's pretty low on the list.  According to the National Safety Council, you're most likely to die from heart disease, cancer, or COVID-19.

So what ISN'T going to kill you? Here are the five causes of death at the bottom.

1. Train accident, one in 243,765.

2. Lightning, one in 218,106.

3. Plane crash, one in 188,364.

4. Getting attacked by a dog, one in 115,111.

5. A hornet, bee, or wasp sting, 46,562.


So yeah, it's bad for a lot of people, but not very likely.  He'll just have to complain and stew for a bit and I'll get him some ice packs to put on it.

When was the last time you got stung by a flying creature?  Was it a bee, a wasp, a hornet, or something else?  I got stung by a bee on the finger as a child, never again. My sister got stung by a hornet when she was about 11, I remember she cried for like, an hour.

So what are some of your "keep away from that bug" stories?

Stingingly yours,

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