I have had a plant for many years now, he lives in my office. His name is Steve.  I thought Steve would rather be outside than in, but I was wrong. He's like me, he thrives on indoor lighting. He doesn't like the heat.


When he was outside, his leaves slowly died down to just one.  Now that he's been indoors again for a couple of years, he's doing great!

I'm also responsible for two plants outside our building. Here, I can introduce you.

This is Steve Jr.


And this is Thor.


I don't know what kind of plants/bushes they are (I respect their privacy).  But I do know that for some reason, they have names.  I just look at a plant and bam, I know.  There's nothing wierd about that, right? Husbando thinks it is a weird thing to do.  I mean, it's a living thing that I'm tending to, right? It deserves a name!

What do you think? Do you name things that aren't pets?

Plantingly yours,


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