I guess you could call my job an office job. There's a room where I spend half my day, and the door closes. I guess that's an office. And then I have another room I spend the other half of my day in, that's an office, too. Working in an office means you're on a computer. That's just how modern day work... works. I know I can't REALLY do my job properly without a computer. Which is what makes me feel a little gross about what I just learned. I've seen PLENTY of reports on how innocent things you touch every day are filthy and germ-infested.  And here's another one, to keep you on your toes.

According to a study by a company called Initial Washroom Hygiene, the average computer mouse is THREE TIMES FILTHIER than a toilet seat. They also found the average keyboard, office chair, desk, phone, and elevator button are more germ-covered than a toilet too. Four out of 10 desks had at least one item with extremely high levels of bacteria. The germs can include things like staph and E. coli . . . so WASH YOUR HANDS before you eat.

So now that I'm getting a cold, apparently I need to disinfect the heck out of every blasted thing in this room.  This makes me sad for some reason.  I guess I just wanted to believe I'm a clean person? Maybe we're just all filthy, disgusting pigs, shedding dead skill cell everywhere we go.

Happy day at the office, right?!

Cleanly yours,


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