Husbando has been trying to get a little more active and eat a little better. You know,  he's doing little things like eating fruit instead of cookies, going to the gym, and trying to drink more water.  But, he's a snacker. He's a dude who could eat maybe one meal a day and just survive on chips and salsa for the remainder of the time. So, I thought, what can I do to maybe help him with that? There has to be a slightly more healthy alternative than chips all the time.

To the Googles I went! And I found a recipe for homemade chips.


It was pretty simple to do, although a little tedious.  Basically you just take wonton wrappers (I found them in the produce aisle), cut em in half and bake them for about six minutes at 375.  You can put whatever seasonings you want on them and vary it up. I brushed them with olive oil, put on salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese (his nutritionist says to stay away from cheddar, but other cheeses are okay) and a little parsley.  And there you have it! They're crispy, not as processed, and better for you! If I do this again, I might mix up the seasoning. And I might wait for a weekend when the girls are here, so I can have a little help.  It probably wouldn't be as tedious if the tasks were divvied up.

Cookingly yours,


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