Okay, so I'm normally not one to try a social media challenge. I'm not going to be walking on milk crates or putting detergent pods in my mouth.  I'm not, you know, a teenager.  But I saw this thing on the internet and I admit it intrigued me. And honestly, Lizzo tried it and liked it, so that was good enough for me.

What is it?  Putting yellow mustard on an Oreo cookie.  Yes.  It sounds revolting.  It seems like it should never happen, that these two things were not meant to be in the same cabinet in the kitchen, let alone your mouth.  But yes, it's a thing.


It gave me an excuse to buy a thing of Oreos, though.  Normally I don't really have cookies or whatever in the house.  Well, I have some leftover Christmas candy and stuff, but not cookies.


Every example I've seen uses French's mustard, but this is what I had.  I got it at a local smaller butcher shop, so I don't know if it's their brand or if they just sell it.  I do remember it was expensive.


Well, here we go.  Let's do this.


My brain was dreading this.  It just didn't seem right, you know? Where have I gone wrong in life that I'm even contemplating this? Who started this? Who thought putting these two things together would be an amazing idea? This had to have been a dare. Some teenager playing video games in their basement dared their other stupid friend to do this.

And then,...bite.  You know what? It's actually not bad.  You mostly get cookie flavor, but a little tang from the mustard.  I thought I would be offended by it, but it's okay.  It's probably not something I'll do on the regular, or something I will necessarily do again, but it's not terrible. I don't know if mustard would go with any other kinds of chocolate, but...this is pretty okay.

Have you tried the mustard on the Oreos?  Would you? What did you think?

Cookily yours,


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