If you use Netflix, I'm sure you've heard of the new show Queer Eye. It's totally cute, and it's a kind of reboot of the old show, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.  Only this time, it's more about  heart and personality rather than only being about the hair or the house or whatever.  They really get into some ISSUES, you guys.  But overall, they just have fun it.  It's great entertainment.

So anyway, I'm here for it.  I like it, and I'm totally mad that I have to wait til NEXT YEAR for another season.  But, there is a light on the horizon: they're filming season three as we speak, in Kansas City, right now.  They'll be there until about the first week of September.  I was totally bummed that I didn't know they were coming (I live under a rock).  I would have nominated Husbando, obviously.  I would love Bobby Berk to come and make my house a FREGGIN MANSION. Anyway, I saw some coverage of it on YouTube or Facebook (I can't remember, probably Facebook) and left a comment.  No big deal, everyone does that.  Then, about a week later, this happened.


I FREAKED OUT.  But then... I looked a little closer. Instant come down. You can't see it there, but when they first messaged me, his name WAS misspelled as "Van Nees".  Now I don't know about you, but when you have a strangely spelled name like Rebehka or Van Ness, you don't misspell your own dang name. You've been spelling it for people and correcting people on the spelling your whole heckin' life. So immediately my little bubble deflated.  And, this bot or scammer or whoever is using Facebook messenger without an account.  Super sketchy.  And then I thought to myself, "Self, seriously.  You thought for a second that a dude who was actively in production on a huge television show, who had just been nominated for Three Emmys, would have time to message one random commenter?" So, yeah. I just let it be and didn't respond after that.  I thought about replying, "Oh, I'm fine Fake JVN, how's fakin' going today?" But I thought I should leave well enough alone.

My only lingering question is... why? Why would someone do that? Are they trying to scam me out of something? Are they trying to get something from me? Are they trying to Nigerian Prince me?  You're barkin up the wrong tree, dude, I ain't got nothin worth stealin!  Maybe it's something less sinister.  Maybe someone just wanted to make my day by pretending to be Johnathan Van Ness.  But I doubt it.

Anyway, watch out on the internet, folks.  There's a lot of fakeness out there.

Dissapointedly yours,

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