So every day, I'm sat in front of a computer. And you know what it's like if you're at one of those jobs.  After a bit, you have to stretch and kind of move around, because you can get the Computer Slump pretty easy.  I have it pretty bad, I think.  I don't know what to do about it, though, I kind of have to slump over to be able to write at my keyboard.

I don't think the company is just gonna buy me a whole new desk because I have poor posture.  So I was thinking, maybe there's something I can do on my part, after all, I hear having bad posture is bad for your health.  Well, there are a million things that I do that are bad for my health, and I don't do anything about those.  Maybe this is the one thing I can do after all.

I've been doing some research about Posture Correctors.  Basically it looks like a harness type thing you can wear over or under your shirt, and it kind of moves your shoulders into place so that it's uncomfortable if you slouch.  You're not supposed to wear it all day, just an hour or so at a time.  The idea is you're retraining your  muscles so they want to stay where they should as opposed to where they are slouching. So it's kind of like muscle memory correction.

It could work.  I've been looking and doing some research online, and I've found a couple of things that might work, but I'm a little hesitant.  I found one that's about thirty bucks, but some people in the reviews say it might not work for someone my size.  I've found better sizes elsewhere, but they're more pricey.

And once again, that's where you come in, I need your expertise!  Have you tried one of these posture corrector harness type thingies?  Did it work?  Did it help with your slouching?

Slouchingly yours,

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