Unless you're a Japanese businessman who collects women's underwear, people PROBABLY wouldn't consider you ABNORMAL when it comes to how many pairs you own. But let's do it anyway.Husbando says I definitely have too many pairs of underwear, and that I keep them far too long.  I don't think so!  I have as many pairs of underwear as I need, and if I think I'll need more, I'll get more.  The more the merrier!

A new survey asked people to name the "normal" amount of underwear for a person to own. Here are the results.

--60% say it's eight to 15 pairs, which is a one-to-two-week supply.

--17% say 16 to 30 pairs, which is about a two-to-four-week supply.

--11% say it's only normal to have ONE to SEVEN pairs.

--5% say it's normal to have 30 to 60 pairs.

--And 3% of people . . . who clearly HATE LAUNDRY . . . say it's normal to have 365 PAIRS of underwear.

I had a roommate in college once who actually went out and bought NEW underwear so she wouldn't have to WASH any of her dirty ones.  The kicker?  We lived right next door to a laundromat.  It took her longer to drive to the store, find underwear, bring it back home and get it in her closet than it would have taken for her to wash what she had.  I don't get it.  What do you think?  How many pairs is considered "normal"?

I guess I'm in the 17%,


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