We had some awesome plans for this weekend. At least, we did on Thursday.We were gonna go on a date night on Saturday.  We were gonna go out for a nice meal, then go see "The Hitman's Bodyguard" since we both like Sam Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. Then Sunday, we were going to go to a friend's barbecue, and Monday, we were going to go to the World War I museum up in Kansas City.

We were, that is, until Friday afternoon.

I had a live remote Friday afternoon (some of you might have heard how strange it sounded) at the Fav Trip. About an hour before that was to start, I started to get a terrible, hacking cough. It was bad. I was starting to lose my voice.

It got bad enough that Saturday morning, I was coughing so hard I was panicking a little because I had to gasp for breath.

As of Sunday, I was getting better, but still not wanting to go out and be amongst families with babies. I couldn't bear to think of the chance of getting them sick.

Monday, I actually managed to wake up without a coughing fit, but the damage was done. My voice probably still isn't up to snuff. Poor Husbando, he wanted to relax, not worry about me all weekend. At least I didn't get him sick. Yet.

Hopefully your weekend was better than mine.

Sickly yours,


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