I used to be such an organized, uncluttered person. 


What happened?  Now I have just a bunch of... stuff everywhere.  Headphones, transmitter logs, laptop, my phone, the work phone, tons of post it notes, the desktop computer, and that's like, half of it.

There's just so much stuff, and most of it is not necessary, really.  I mean if we're being honest with ourselves, we really only need like, a computer, a pen and a notebook. I don't need two sets of headphones and four calendars.  I don't need little Super Mario figurines on there.  But Husbando gets them for me, and delivers them to my desk, so I kinda feel like I have to keep it.

And I'm gonna use those ideas on the notes someday.  Someday.  I don't know how, or I already would have, but I'm gonna figure it out someday.  It seems like too many, I know, but that's just the way it is for the moment.  Or the decade. Maybe it's because I have so much going on and I keep forgetting about things.  Or maybe it's a sign of laziness, I dunno.

Maybe I should look at this in a different way.  Maybe I have so much stuff because I'm actually doing a good job?  Stop laughing, it could be true! Maybe I have so much stuff because I have a lot of personality? Seriously, you're hurting my feelings with the laughing.  Anyway.  Either way, I better watch what I'm doing, or I'll have too much stuff to pack when they sack me.

What's your work desk like? Do you have a lot of personal stuff in your workspace?

Deskingly yours,


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