I'm sure some of you can understand the pain that is strange hair.  Well, it's not strange so much as difficult to manage. 

Some people have really fine hair, some people have really thin hair, some people have other issues.  For me, I have really thick, curly hair.  It can be really hard to figure out what to do to make it, you know, not a tangled mess.

I've tried most everything.  I've tried creams, gels, special towels, you name it.  I finally saw an ad for a product called Prose that claimed to be different. I decided to try it and give it an honest review - they are NOT paying me to do this. 

Anyway,  It is supposed to be a more direct way to address your individual hair issues by targeting your age, your lifestyle, where you live, all sorts of factors.  Because, you know, somebody who lives in Alaska might have to deal with a lot different weather than someone in, say, Texas.  And that might effect your hair differently.

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So I went on the website and took the survey.  I answered all the questions, it took maybe ten minutes at most. And they made a special shampoo and hair cream for me, based on the answers to those questions. It took about three weeks for me to get the stuff in the mail.


I had told them that I have colored my hair - which is true, I went back to a normal hair color after being blue haired for the summer.  You can see here they also factor in your zip code/climate, like I mentioned before.


I don't really have curly curly hair, I have a relatively curly but mostly wavy type, according to them, that is.  But I told them I didn't want my hair to be "crunchy", if that makes sense.

So anyway, they send you the stuff, but they also give you a little tutorial about how you should be using it.  Apparently I have been applying the products in my hair incorrectly since, well, ever.  So anyway, I learned about the "praying hands method" and all about how wet my hair should be, and all that jazz.

I tried it and... well, it worked. My hair is a lot less frizzy, which was an annoying problem.  However, it didn't work like the commercials would have you believe (SHOCKED PIKACHU FACE).  My hair is still my hair, so it's still wonky and weird, just nowhere near as frizzy. It's not transformed magically into something different, like transformation ads would have you believe.  Now I'm not super naïve, so I didn't think it would, but... I did think it would make more of a difference than it did.  However, I'm only about a week in, so I'm willing to give it a try and see if it gets better.

Now, cost.  This part will make you probably swear out loud at your desk.  The shampoo...for an eight ounce bottle... was over thirty dollars. 

I know.   Now, you do get a discount if you set up a regular subscription, but that is, to my world view, very, VERY expensive.  I will say that if you use it like they direct you to in the tutorial/instructions, it should last a long time, or at least around what a  normal bottle would last you. For that cost, though, yeah, I did expect a bit more.  Maybe not a magical transformation, but maybe a product closer to what a pro could give me.

So here's the thing - yes, it did work.  Yes, the shipping was reasonably quick and free.  Yes, the thought of the survey did probably make a difference.  Yes, I will probably try it again, at least one more bottle.  HOWEVER.  For the average person, they'll probably say no to something this expensive.  And in fact, unless it picks up and starts getting a little better results... I won't keep doing it, either.

Sorry, it's kind of a mixed review, but if you're in my situation and you wanted an honest review, there you go.   Like I said, this was a real review, so... real opinion, there.

Prosily yours,

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