I like owls. It's a random thing about me. So a couple of years ago, around fall time, Husbando saw some little owl decals when he was out and about with the girls.  We had fun putting them on, it was seasonal and appropriate. Owls, fall, all good things.

But then,... they just never came down.

They've been on the door for at least two years.  They've been through summers, springs, winters.  I guess it's partly because of laziness, and partly because I just like them there.  They're not hurting anything.

Although, now that I think about it, they might be.  What if the little outline doesn't come off of the glass?  That's a new door, $500! Jeez.  I always do this to myself.

I guess they'll have to stay up there or something.  I mean, like I said, they're not hurting anything.  It might give the mailman a little chuckle in July.

Maybe I got it from my parents.  They kept a little banner that said "Noel" up all year, not because they loved Christmas all year, but my Grandmother's maiden name was Noel.  And I still have up the little mistletoe with the bell in the living room.  My parents kept it up there all year as an excuse to kiss.

Do you have anything like that in your house? Maybe a year long decoration up just because you like it?

Owl-ingly yours,


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