We have a routine in our house. I cook certain nights, Husbando cooks other nights.  This weekend, we're switchin' it up. The girls are coming in this weekend, but not until Saturday morning.  So that means Saturday night dinner is on me. I have a few staples I cycle through, like chicken pasta, or beef burritos, or something. I'm a little limited in my food creativity and in my cooking ability.  So Husbando will occasionally send me ideas for new things to try.  Recently he sent me this.

Well, it certainly seems to ring all the bells that the Moreland family enjoys.  Meat? Check.  Cheese? Yes.  Pasta? Sure.  WAIT.  What is PASSATA. Thank you, Google.  I guess I'll just substitute tomato sauce?  That seems fine.

Uh uh.  They want  me to make a roux. Can't I just use regular mac and cheese and just put in the packet like normal? Eugh.  This is probably why I'm not a great cook. I'm just gonna have to suck it up and make it the right way.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Would you ever try chili mac and cheese lasagna?  Have you made it? What'd you think? Let me know all about what I'm about to get into in the comments.

Cheesily yours,

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