I don't think I could be a person who got a personalized license plate. I wouldn't know what to put on it! I mean, I guess I could just do my name, how many "BEHKA" license plates out there can there be? But I don't know. That just seems too bland. If I was gonna go for it, I would have to go full throttle, you know? Something smart. Something funny.  Ihad an ex boyfriend who had BRUTLS on his because he really liked Metalocalypse. So it would have to be something.... awesome.

Rebehka Cramer Moreland
Rebehka Cramer Moreland

Something like the TIMSTR. The Timster! Or wait... is it like Teamster? I mean, it's the same kind of sound, less letters. I like to think it's the Timster. Like if the Timmeister would be allowed, he would have that.

MAYBE THAT'S MY ANGLE! The Bekstr! Or maybe Bekker!

I don't know. Maybe that's a decision for another day. But I love to see these plates and try to figure out what they're saying.

What specialty plates have you seen around our area? Any good, funny ones?

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