Okay guys, I've got a bit of a rant here. I live right next door to a very active alleyway.  People drive up and in it all the time. There are also a TON of kids in my neighborhood, and they often run screaming through it, as kids are wont to do.

Anyway, TWICE today I have seen two pretty serious violations of what I would call "Alley Etiquette".  First of all, I was getting ready to pull into the alley, when a dude came barreling through at what had to be over forty miles an hour. I stopped in the street, and He Didn't.  He just kept going like it wasn't anything to think about. What if I hadn't seen him earlier?  Did he not see me at all? He just sped down the street like it was nothing.

Then, I was leaving my house, about halfway down the alley.  There's an apartment complex at the end of the block.  A car was backing out of a space, so I stopped, thinking they would just pull in, let me go through (it's right at the end) and then they could go forward as per normal. But no, this person decided to see me stopped, and then BACKED UP into the street, doing a very awkward turn that they clearly were not comfortable with, going over a curb in the process.  This wouldn't be a huge thing, but I know this street. Surely if they live there too, they know this street. There are cars all along this street, and there was no way that car could see if anyone was coming up behind them.  Why wouldn't you just wait ten seconds, let me go by, and then go forward safely?

Another thing I REALLY don't understand is related to what the guy did earlier.  People always, Always go down this alley at full speed.  I don't get it.  There are three little boys next door, and four little girls in the house behind them alone. There are three across the street and at least three more two houses down, and those are the ones I know about.  They play basketball in their backyard, which is RIGHT NEXT to the alley.  If you're going down this alley, obviously you live there, or you're really close to someone who does, and you had to have seen the gaggles of children in this neighborhood. Why wouldn't you just slow down?  Why take the risk? Does you looking "cool" for ten seconds really worth the chance that you could hurt a little kid?

And another thing - seriously - you do not look cool blaring your music down the alley. All you look like is obnoxious, like you're insecure and have something to prove.  I don't care how much your flabbernabbin stereo cost, there is a time and place for that, and you know it.

Anyway.  That's my rant, sorry if you don't agree.  Do you have any issues like this in your neighborhood?

Drivingly yours,


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