So I've mentioned before that Husbando and I are going back to the gym, you know, trying to improve our health. I'm not trying to become Blake Lively or anything, I just need to get more active.  So I'm at the gym yesterday, getting ready to get on the treadmill.  I get out my phone and my earbuds, and prepare to jam out.

There's a dude, big dude, red hair, across the room, using some weights. He's got his phone out and it's playing some kind of... I guess you could call it screamo music?  He's doing his thing, having a time, I don't think twice about it.  I get on the treadmill and put in my earbuds, and the lady next to me kind of rolls her eyes.  She nods towards our red headed friend, and goes back to watching her show (I think it was Law and Order) on the monitor.

Then as I'm in my own little world, trying to walk fast, and I started to think about it.  With my earbuds in, I couldn't hear her show or his music.  So to me, it's no big deal.  But then I thought some more, and realized it must have annoyed her to have to listen to his music while trying to watch her show.  But... maybe he can't use earbuds for the kind of workout he's doing.  Maybe he can't afford wireless headphones.  Maybe he just really really likes screamo and wants us to like it too.

But... was it rude?  Do you mind if someone plays loud music at the gym? Do you use your own music and earbuds like me? Do you play music out loud at the gym?

What do you think?

Gymingly yours,

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