I'm sure alot of you were a little disappointed we didn't at least get a smudge of snow this Christmas.

NOT ME.  I don't mind a little bit, though. Maybe just enough to cover the trees and yards, but it doesn't stick to the road?  That's about right.  When you have to drive at zero dark thirty in the morning with a half asleep brain, shoveling and scraping snow and ice is not a routine I'd like to stick to.

SPEAKING OF STICKS. I am overwhelmed with them.  I recently had some lawn professionals come to the house to remove the large amount of leaves that surrounded the front and back of the house.  Three large trees will do that.  So they came, they ridded me of the possible firetrap leaves, and got rid of some of the dead plants, etc.  Great job.  However, without the cover of leaves, I have discovered that my trees have created a situation.


Specifically, a stick situation. I have twig troubles. I have branch business to take care of. I got enough pointy little brown instruments of splinters in my yard that  Ollivander's magical wand shop wants to place an order.  It looks like the big bad wolf done came through here and decimated some poor porker's house. I fully expect 1985 Burt Reynolds to come play a deadly game...and he's not about to be the loser.

I'm half tempted to just throw some cash at a neighborhood kid and ask them to clean em up for me.  Not that I'm lazy (I'll wait til you've stopped laughing on that one).  I just don't need to be bending up and down pickin up all the galdarnged sticks all afternoon. Especially not this afternoon, when the wind is blowing so hard it sounds as if a car is revving all afternoon like "TRAVIS I SWEAR TO GOD, Iffin you don't lay up on the gas on that Catera you're gonna give the whole neighborhood carbon monoxide poisoning". I'm a little old lady, I don't need to give myself a bad back.  And don't get me started on the ACORNS.

Anyway.  Should I even bother with these?  I mean, they're  not hurting anybody.  At least not right now  - they have not been weaponized into anyone's eyes at the moment. They're just sticks, after all.  Before too long you won't be able to see them in the snow. Unless they somehow turn into a blind sensei and start training Matt Murdock.

Stickingly yours,


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