Husbando was convinced that it would take forever for us to get our tax refund, because of the government shutdown.  But we actually got it a week early!We always file as soon as we can.  He likes to get it over with.  I'm fine with that as long as I don't have to actually fill out the paperwork myself.  Every year, we do that and then wait for it to show up in the direct deposit.  It usually takes a little time, and the state return takes a little longer.  But this year, nope! We filed on, I think the 31st, and we had the stuff pending by the 8th.  It was crazy fast!

So then, me being the money manager, I had to decide what to do with it.  It wasn't a huge amount, somewhere around three thousand dollars, combined.  So what did I do with my newfound riches?

I paid bills.

Credit cards, doctor co-pay, car payment, insurance.

I put a lot of it in my savings account.

How boring, right? I remember my cousin getting like, five grand back one year and she took me out the bars with it.  I've never done that with my tax return (mostly because I never got that much on my own, now that I'm married I seem to get more).  Well, I guess I did do one kind of fun thing - I ordered delivery Friday night so I wouldn't have to cook. Is that considered fun?  It was more fun than thawing chicken breasts, I'll tell you that for sure.

Have you filed your taxes yet?  Are you getting a refund, or do you have to pay? What do you want to do with your refund?

Taxingly yours,


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