A new survey in England has figured out when people make that transition from smiling, laughing, and enjoying life . . . into yelling at gol-darned kids to get off their lawn.The survey found that people finally complete the transition into being, quote, "grumpy," when they hit 52.  So I've got a little over twelve years to go.  Looking at some of these numbers, though, I wonder if I'm in the average of this demographical, scientifical survey.

Infants laugh up to 300 times a day. By the time you're a teenager that can go down to six laughs a day . . . and by the time you hit your grumpy years, that goes as low as two-and-a-half laughs a day.  I definitely laugh more than six times a day NOW, in fact, I probably laugh more now than I did as a teenager (Angst.  I was a rat in a cage, don't you know).

But then, I kind of think that my job and my situation put me in a different place than most people.  It's kind of my job to read things and make them funny. I mean, sure, sometimes I have to tell you about accidents or stuff that's happening around town, but most of the time I'm not talking about anything too serious. To listen to funny stuff all day is, in a way, expected of me.  And then when I get home, what am I doing? Watching amusing clips on the internet.  I'm not really looking for something sad or depressing when I get home.  I'm watching dudes try a burrito three feet long.

That in and of itself is hilarious.  And I'd like to think that my continual laughing at stupid stuff makes it easier for me to keep laughing.  Maybe that's the key, you gotta find stuff that's making you laugh, to keep you from turning grumpy.

The survey also found that, on average, men get grumpier than women.  I better start working on Husbando now.  He's only got nine years, and he's kinda a grumpy old man as it is.

Do you think you're grumpy? Do you think you were more prone to laugh when you were younger? What do you do to cheer yourself up?

Non-Grumpily yours,

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