If you're someone who doesn't want kids . . . doesn't like kids . . . and thinks they're basically just annoying snot machines, this won't help . 

Now that we're firmly in the Fair time of year, that means that going back to school is right around the corner for us. And I guess it's just not getting any easier.

According to a new study, other people's kids just made your morning commute take 30% longer.  The study found the average work commute is 23 minutes during the summer, when kids aren't in school.  But once the school year starts up again, it jumps to 30 minutes because there are more cars on the road, and more busses.

That works out to 35 extra minutes a week sitting in traffic, or about 24 hours a year.  And obviously your commute jumps even more if you HAVE kids, and have to drop them off on your way to work every day.

The study also found 32% of us regularly show up at work annoyed because of traffic . . . 27% have experienced road rage during our commute, which actually seems LOW . . . and only 12% of people say they ENJOY their commute most of the time.

So what can we take from this?  Basically kids, get a job and take yourself.  Yes, I know you're only five years old, and you can't drive legally nor do you understand the concept of money, but quit being  a little freeloader!*

Commutingly yours,










*Omigod you guys I am SO joking.  Please don't think I'm advocating child labor.


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