I'm sure you've seen tons of memes and GIFs and all that stuff on the internet. Heck, I see them every day.  Most of them are pretty funny, and I admit I've gone to a couple of "fail" sites every now and then.  But did you ever wonder what it's like to be on the receiving end of that meme attention?  I've got the answers for you.

It all started with a simple social media post.  Which then made its way to Bad Real Estate Pics, which... I didn't even know was a thing so that shows you what I know.


It quickly went viral, and poor Ashley had no idea the innuendo tsunami that was going to follow.  She meant you want the HOUSE, guys.  The House. Just shows you how dirty people's minds can get, huh? So there was some good and bad attention, in the end.  It's still making the rounds, obviously. Some people made some funny remarks, some people chose to take it even further, you know how the comment section can get sometimes. I spoke to Ashley about it, and overall, she finds the whole thing pretty funny.

I’m not gonna lie that it did sting a little, but I prayed that some good could come from my naive innuendo.  The one that stung the most got a blessing from me, I gave her a good review for her business. Maybe she’s so angry because she needs some kindness!

So through the whole thing, she's keeping a positive attitude and moving forward, even though a few hundred people have left some... very nasty comments. At first she was so embarrassed and hurt and a little shocked.   But the way she sees it, it happened and there's no point in dwelling on the negative. And, she's been very appreciative of all the local people defending her! There's been a lot of unexpected kindness along the way, and she wants to keep that going. She's determined to be positive, even to the people who were terrible to her.  And you know how it is, people and their Keyboard Courage who would never say that to your face.  Who knows, maybe her naive charm will bring her some more business after all! And if you like Pitbull, even better!

Naively yours,


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