This month's Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero is someone who prefers to stay behind the scenes.

Lynette Diane is in charge of The Hair Salon and Spa in Sedalia. So you know every day she's helping people feel better about themselves.  She was nominated to be our Unsung Hero this month by her best friend, Misty Casdorph.  Here's what Missy had tos ay about Lynette:

Lynette has a heart of gold.  She's there for anyone no matter what. She cooks for funerals, friends in need, and the homeless. Lynette has helped start up churches and programs to help children. She stayed with me when I lost my son and didn't say a word.

Lynette uses her skills to empower people and make them see a new version of herself. She's a Sedalia gal, and has two great kids, a son who's 17, and a daughter who's 15. She's been in business in Sedalia for 14 years and says her staff is very very important to her and her success. According to their website, they are: Meghan DeFoe, Brooke Williams, Nicole Rousch, Kelsey Young, Carra Callahan, Megan Simpson, Stephanie Chenault, Janel Doan,  and Lexus Mitchell.

You can hear the whole conversation she had with Randy Kirby right here.


If you'd like to nominate someone you know that does some good in the area, you can definitely do that here.  There's no cost or anything to nominate somebody. And it doesn't have to be someone that's single handedly saving the world, it can be someone who just volunteers their time and goes out of their way to be nice just because it's the right thing to do.  Let's get some more positivity out there!

Singingly yours,

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