If you've got little ones, you know it can be hard to find things for the kids to do that are inexpensive, but they actually enjoy. !--more-->

Well, it's time for you to mark your calendars and plan for something fun, free, and right here in town. Every year, right after the Fair and right as the kids go back to school, the Sedalia Kiwanis plans a free fun event for the kiddos. It's a little later this year, but still good! This year, there's going to be a lot of fun activities!  It all takes place on Saturday, September 10, at Liberty Park.  You can see the shelter they'll be at from the street.

Here's basically what goes down: the Kiwanis club cooks up hot dogs, the kids play games, there's a Zumba session, and the train runs in Liberty Park. Of course that's run by the Optimists, and you can check out the new train station (or, well, new to me)while you're there. It's just a great day for the kids to get together, have lunch, ride the train, and get some goodies. The Kiwanis Club will also provide hot dogs, chips, and drink for children's lunch. The 'Kids Day' will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the activities will last until 2:00 in the afternoon. The Kiwanis Club says the activities are designed for children ages 1 - 12.

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Of course, the kids can also run around the park for a bit, come over, then run around some more, play another game, eat lunch, run around again, and then you can take them home for a blissful afternoon of quiet. After they collapse into napville for having too much fun, that is. If you need more information about the event, you can message their Facebook page.

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