I know a lot of times when I think of Missourians or people from West Central Missouri, especially Sedalians, I think of a certain type of person. A smart person, a polite person, but a person who will not put up with your silly nonsense.

One of the websites I read regularly is called Not Always Right. It is pretty much what you think it is. It's a site comprised of reader submissions where they explain their nightmare interactions with the public.

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Think of all the worst Karens you've ever heard of, or shoppers who just refuse to read signs, people who holler at the cashier when their coupon is expired, you get it. I honestly think everyone that has worked retail in some capacity has a story or two.  And if you haven't had the pleasure, do read the site and you won't believe what people are saying out there in the shopping wilds.  Might help you next time you have to do a bigger shopping trip yourself.

Well just this week, they had story submission that features us! Well, it was back from 2019, but... sounds like us, to be real.  Here's the full story, since it's too small for a picture:

I live in Hawaii. In 2019, a friend of mine flew my wife and me out to Independence, Missouri, to attend his wedding which was taking place in Sedalia.  When it came time for the wedding, I was to drop my wife off in Sedalia for the bachelorette party and then return to Independence for the bachelor party.


On the way to Sedalia, the car we had rented needed gas, so I pulled into a [Gas Station] on the interstate and got out. A customer standing nearby spoke to me.


Customer: “Hey, your gas tank is on the wrong side for that pump.”

Me: “Oh, that’s all right. I don’t mind.”

Customer: “No, you can’t use that pump.”

Me: “What? I’m sure it will be fine.” *Laughs*

Customer: “I can guarantee you it won’t be.”

Me: “It will be. I’m sorry, but I am in a hurry.”


The man shrugged and turned away.

I scanned my card and grabbed the hose. Once the pump was in my hand, I confidently walked around the car, and the pump stopped dead, yanking me back so I nearly fell over into the car, dropping the nozzle.


Customer: “Was it fine?”


I never stopped to consider that the hose for the pump couldn’t extend. In Hawaii, every gas station has a reel system that allows the hose to extend and retract so that the driver can pump on either side of the car.


This [Gas Station] did not; the hose length was all you got.


Me: “It doesn’t… extend…”

Customer: “I tried to tell you.”

Me: “You tried to tell me…”

Customer: “Yup.”

Me: “Yup.”


I got back into the car and pulled around to the other side, fueled up, and left.  The moral of the story? Listen to the locals.

I mean, it just SOUNDS like someone from Sedalia, doesn't it.  "Was it fine?" Was the perfect way of being just sarccy/sassy enough to SAY what you needed to say while still letting them know that in fact, you told them so.   And it wasn't rude!  I'm sure they would have been happy to be proven wrong.  But... well. Like the submitter says... listen to the locals.

Rightfully yours,


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