Like a lot of people, Husbando and I have cable. And we also have Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc.  I think we have CBS online, too?  OH, and Disney +.  Because he just had to have it, don't you know. Or at least that's what Husbando tells me.

So I guess with all that, we have a lot of entertainment options. And that's if I'm not just sitting with the cat doing crossword puzzles out of a book like a little old lady instead of watching TV.  Most of the time though, he watches TV and I watch videos/read books on the internet.  So I've kind of... neglected some of my shows over the course of a few months.


See, we haven't watched Curb Your Enthusiasm this season.  That's just disgraceful.  And I don't care, there's NO WAY he can watch that many episodes of Forged in Fire.  There's just no way. And how far behind are we on the cartoons? It's just crazy. I wonder if we'll ever go through and just either delete them or watch them all. I guess that can be a Saturday thing someday? I don't know.

Do you DVR? What do you make sure to record? Are you like me, and get a little behind every now and then?

Televisioningly yours,


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