So apparently the NBC Dateline crew were in our area this week.

I've heard they were investigating a cold case, something that may have originated in our area that's still unsolved. I heard some people say the crew was in Otterville, some people said they were in Green Ridge.... to be honest, I don't know any more about it than you do.   I heard they were here online, just like you did.   Of course an investigative crew isn't going to announce their arrival before hand.  They want to be able to do some digging and find truths before all the attention on the situation changes perspectives.  People are more likely to tell the truth if they don't think everyone's looking.

I don't know what exactly they were investigating. I don't think we'll know the whole thing for sure til the show airs.  BUT. I do have some unanswered questions that Date Line could have taken a quick look at while they were here.

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The Pickle Thing, for example. Okay, it's probably not as important or grizzly as the stuff they usually cover, but.... come on. Once people find out about it, they wanna know what the juice is! Get it, juice, like pickle juice, instead of tea. MOVING ON.

"Why Can't People Believe the Guberburger Thing". Maybe it's because I grew up here, it just seems natural to me. I don't get why everyone from out of town somehow seems to think this is a thing we're making up. Maybe they think we're big pranksters or something? No. It's delicious. I know it sounds weird, just try it, okay?

Maybe they could have taken some time to dig a bit over in Carthage and figure out what the deal was with all the cabinets. I mean, there were... an excessive amount of cabinets.

Or, OR! I never did find the Dr. Spencer kid! That one could definitely come back up with a solution and I'd be satisfied. Nobody seemed to know, or I guess seemed to want to tell me, who that kid in the ad was.
And what about this one! I was dying to know what happened back in the day with the Warsaw Sensation! I never did hear anything about that one! Who won? Did they ever suss out who was telling the truth?!!

Well, I'm sorry guys, my detective skills only go so far.  I'm a beat reporter with an opinion column, ain't nobody looking to me for serious answers.   Although Josh Mankiewicz did answer a question of mine on Twitter once.

What Sedalia Mysteries do you want solved?  Anything you wanna spill the beans on?

Mysteriously yours,

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