So I don't know if you've heard about this, but I have and I felt like I should share it with you. Heck, some of you may have even seen it yourselves in person.  Apparently, it's all over TikTok and Twitter and every other kind of social media - they even have a Facebook group to talk about this. What is it, you may ask?  A jar of pickles.

Yes, a jar of pickles.  But, you see, it gets weird.  Or weirder. Missouri style.

According to the Team Pickles Facebook page, there has been a jar of pickles sitting randomly along a highway in Missouri for years.

They have sat on the divide barrier on the exit ramp from 270 North at Manchester in Des Peres, MO for years, if I had to guess mid to late 2012.
They have survived snowmageddon, construction and protesters.
There has got to be a story behind these pickles and inquiring minds want to know.
And at first thought, you'd say, "Oh, just some random jar somebody got rid of", right?  Wrong.  The group monitors the area. If the pickle jar goes missing, it gets replaced with another one within days. Now let me be clear - the group doesn't replace it, but they report it to each other if it's gone. If someone takes the pickles, or they get knocked over, someone - and no one seems to know who - replaces the jar with another one right in that exact same spot.
Team Pickle, Facebook
Team Pickle, Facebook

That's the most recent update, from March 12th of this year.

It's not always the same size jar, or the same brand, it's just another jar of pickles.

I don't know why I'm so fascinated with this.  I just want to know who is doing this and why.  WHY is the big question. I imagine it must be something to just be silly, because I can't find any reports that indicate something dark.  You know, like a memorial to someone who died that really loved pickles? Nothing like that.  I wonder if it's just a grand scheme of things "messing with you" thing.  Like someone just decided to mess with the people of Des Peres, and someone else found it funny, and more people ran with it over time.  It must be more than one person if it's been going on for more than eight years.

Or, is it just one maniacal genius that is trying to tell us something about life through pickles? And why Des Peres? Why that specific spot along the road? WHY.

Have you ever heard of the mysterious Missouri pickle jar? What do you think it going on there?  Should we start something like that just to mess with out of towners? Ha!

Pickilingly yours,

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