Well guys, you know what I'm like by now.I'm nosy as heck, and I love to look at listings on Zillow and Realtor to get a chance to look into other people's houses.  And they have them for sale, so...they want me to look, right?  RIGHT.

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Well, I found a doozy, you guys.  A real doozy. This is a huge, beautiful property in Carthage, Missouri. It's got Everything (read that in Stefon's voice, please). It's got two houses, a six car garage, stained glass, marble everywhere, eight bedrooms, twelve foot ceilings, a conference room, a TON of storage space and... well. A few oddities, nothing skeevy, but oddities.

It's actually historical! It was built by Dr. John A. Carter in 1890. He was a great guy, who was one of the first founders of the First National Bank back in the 1890's. According to All Carthage Heroes:

During his nearly fifty years in Carthage, he became the largest landowner in Jasper County, owning 3,000 acres of land. Much of his land was given away, such as Carter Park, Carter Spring, and Oak Hill Cemetery, named after his birthplace. Due to his civic involvement, he asked that the city place the new electric lighting plant on the north end of the land given for Carter Park. He was very interested in the electric and water plant proposed for Carthage..... From 1893 to 1896 he constructed the beautiful brick home that reigns over Carter Park and, under the guidance of Ruth Kolpin Rubison, it has been restored to its former glory. The laboratory used by Dr. Carter is still intact in the basement of the home.

Dude was super into bringing electricity to the place. He also liked to bring bears onto his land for people to look at. Like you do. BUT, that's neither here nor there. His place is for sale for a little over a cool three million. And I have seen it, and have so, so many questions. Let's look together, shall we?

Carthage Double Mountains

Historical and Somewhat Eccentric Houses for Sale in Carthage.

I mean, I loved the underground tunnel, and I loved the Tree Throne...but what was your favorite part? Wanna go in for a few million with me?

Pictorially yours,

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